With Others

Collaboration between Myfanwy Alderson & Lauren Simmonds

Together//Apart was an exploration of rupture and repair, proximity and distance between visual & performance artist Lauren Simmonds and sound & visual artist Myfanwy Alderson.

Their collaboration evolved over six months from November 2015 to April 2016 through a series of thirteen creative developments, culminating in a 4 day residency at Conduit Arts in Fitzroy Melbourne. They created works in response to the current issue at the time of the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and other related topics. The evolving 4 day residency exhibition explored the notion of how we can respond as artists to humanity with local and global issues through sculpture, sound, movement and performance.

You can view the depository of the collaboration here Together//Apart


Hotel Obscura
Lauren was invited to develop a work with Australian and International artists for FOLA (Festival of Live Art) Artshouse Melbourne. The work she created Chrysalis Lounge was incorporated into a suite of 12 works for the festival to create a bespoke Live Art experience. Hotel Obscura was created and directed by Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy.

Hotel Obscura is a project initiated by Triage Live Art Collective(AU), is developed and produced by Triage, Kara Ward productions & Arts House in Australia and Die Fabrikanten (AT), Mezzanine Spectacles (FR) & Ohi Pezoume (GR) in Europe.


Tabula Rasa
Collaboration between Briony Barr & Lauren Simmonds

This collaborative chalk drawing evolved over one month. The artists worked together with the parameter of using only straight lines to create this drawing. Each week they removed sections of the drawing and reworked the drawing. The public was invited to contribute.

Briony Barr’s practice focuses on drawings on complexity you can see more of her solo practice here.



Ros Bandt, Natalia Mann & Lauren Simmonds

Baking paper, scissors, fan, psaltery, harp, tarhu, cup.

A collaborative performance of equal parts music and art installation between Ros Bandt, Natalia Mann & Lauren Simmonds. Soundpaper is an exploratory music performance set to a visual score featuring harp, tarhu, psaltery, paper installation and movement.