Lauren Simmonds, Aster, 2022, Lorne Sculpture Biennale, Victoria. Wood, bolts, steel cable, acrylic paint, perspex, dichroic fim.

Lauren Simmonds, Aster, 2022, Lorne, (Sunrise). Wood, bolts, steel cable, acrylic paint, perspex, dichroic film.

‘Aster’ is a site responsive sculpture based on the structure of a carbon atom. Carbon is one of the building blocks of life and all things. Invisible to the eye it forms the basis for some of the strongest materials on earth such as diamonds and graphite. I have chosen to replicate its simple yet consequential atomic structure into a minimalist sculptural form.

The concept behind the work is to explore the interconnection of all things in nature to highlight the intricacy of the natural world and fragile ecologies. This work reflects to the viewer, our place in the world and the impact our choices have on ourselves and our environment. It is my aim that this work provide space for self-reflection and transformation for the viewer through its bold presence and in being a conduit for the conversation it creates both physically and though its interaction with the site and live performance.

Aster, 2022, Dusk, Wood, bolts, rope, acrylic paint, perspex, dichroic film

Aster, Time lapse, 2022