Love Spectrum

Lauren Simmonds Love Spectrum 12016

Presented at Love/City Planetary Festival in February 2016.

Do you know what love looks like? I mean, can you see it? This live artwork, Love Spectrum is a playful interpretation of how love’s physical properties may appear. It brings to light both literally and metaphorically the unseen love spectrum.

Love is one of the invisible forces such as electromagnetic waves, thoughts, feelings and gravity, that has the power to move us and move through us. This work magnifies the unseen forces, which unify and humanise us.

In this ritualistic work, Lauren invites participates to have their Love Spectrum revealed. This work is a continuation of Lauren’s explorations into the theme of light.

TH_20160226_036TH_20160226_388Lauren Simmonds Audience 2Lauren Simmonds Audience 3Lauren Simmonds L_S_ Audience 1TH_20160226_457Lauren Simmonds Audience 4TH_20160226_489

All images by Theresa Harrison Photography.